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Being Bodies

Mindful Embodiment

Kathy Ginn is a licensed massage therapist/body
worker and somatic educator. She has been active in the profession since 1991.
She completed advanced training in the Hakomi method of Body-Centered therapy.
Kathy brings immense passion & compassion to her work and her teaching.

Where: A New Beginning Bodyworks Woodruff, WI

When: October 2, 2015

Time: 6-7pm

Fee: free for her class enrollees ($10 for any others)

Many of us are discovering we have lost crucial connection with our bodies.
We spend our lives in our bodies, and yet we often do not take the time to sit
still and “listen” to our body’s messages. Our bodies can help us recognize
the unique knowledge the body contains. If we are willing to listen, we will
find that our bodies have amazing lessons and quiet wisdom to share.
As massage therapists it is important we reconnect with our own bodies and in
return can lead our clients into the same inner journey. Our time together
will gently invite each participant into stillness & quiet, offering simple,
yet powerful tools to reconnect with your body allowing you to form a trusting
relationship with your body and yourself. Practice happens in the body!

Tools of awareness:

  • Noticing and tracking skills: listen … your body is speaking.

  • Body sensations: tuning into your physical cues

  • Breath: find, feel and follow your breath.

  • Stillness & Movement: finding ease in both.

A New Beginning Bodyworks 9198 A
Thrall Rd Woodruff WI 54568