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Chair Massage vs Massage Chair

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What is a Chair Massage?

Our chair massage allows easy access to the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient while seated and the client remains fully clothed. The massage therapist performs a focused short massage on areas indicated by the client. Pressure during a chair massage can range from light to deep tissue depending on client needs and preferences. 
Maximum amount of time 15-30 minutes.
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What is a Massage Chair?

Our Massage Chair is a robotic programmed reclining massage chair that can be used when all our massage therapists are busy! We have what is known as an "L" design massage chair.  It starts at the head & travels below the lower back, below the hips, past the buttocks, it works on the gluts and travels partially under your thighs.  It travels 50.4", nearly double the distance of any conventional S curved massage chair(what you find in a furniture store).  It also gets closer to the contour of your neck & spine than ever before possible and provides the very best massage available of any massage chair. Our chair has 64 multi stage over sized airbag massage units that cover the tip of your fingers, hands, lower and upper arms, shoulders rear and front, side of hips, legs and feet all the while massage rollers are massaging up and down your spine and gluts and have 6 different speed and intensity choices. The foot massage has reflexology and acupressure foot rollers that operate in two speeds and two different directions and have 6 levels of intensity available. 
The massage chair has a weight capacity of 300lbs and accepts anyone 5 foot tall up to 6'5" tall. 
The Massage Chair is available for 15 minute appointments on a first come first serve basis and we recommend calling ahead to check that we have an opening. The chair is available during our normal office hours when our office manager is on duty.